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Personal Growth

Learn more about Personal Growth

Therapy can start before things fall apart. Your life is good, yet you have a sense that it may be time to move forward, or in a different direction.  


Exploring things from the inside may give you more clarity, more of a connection within. You can become more present and balanced. Or maybe finding your passion and exploring the possibility for a change is what you are seeking. 


We can do that together:


  • By tapping into your innate resources and strengths.

  • By addressing any hurdles or challenges that might hold you from accessing your whole self.

  • By acquiring tools you can practice and access your whole self. 


You can move on your own unique path. It may be similar to the one you started with, or different, with more presence and self-acceptance. 

"The quiet

Is the answer to the balance

Even in its partiality, when it happens in that moment

As the quiet is forming

The heart is open"



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