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Addiction & Recovery

Learn more about Addiction & Recovery

When finding yourself developing an unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs can be your sign to seek help. You don’t have to wait until you develop a severe drinking or using pattern. It may be other behavior that will develop as an addiction that you start noticing as problematic.


Maybe you notice you are drinking to relieve stress, recent loss or life transition or any stress and anxiety. This is a sign to ask for help.


Not addressing this can have a devastating impact on you and your family’s life. You can be helped by:

  • Developing healthy coping skills to help you with challenging moments.

  • Addressing the underlying issues for the addiction (anxiety, loss, trauma, stress relief).

  • Staying plugged and connected to yourself, your support system or developing one. 


These concepts can help and support you in all Recovery stages, to maintain balanced and healthy life. Work on identifying triggers and warning signs for drifting away from your recovery path i.e. relapse prevention.


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